1. LGA > YOW in flight programming: particle system exploration


  2. Working on a style for a set of illustrations.



  4. Interactive map: Where is Bitcoin legal?



  6. Space Triangles invoke a three dimensional quality while only being confined to two dimensional coordinates. The triangles navigate a controlled space with a random acceleration and limited velocity.


  7. Processing exploration, still working on movement parameters. Video soon.


  8. I used TopoJSON and d3.js to create a map of Metropolitan Statistical Areas using shapefile data downloaded from Tiger. [work in progress]


  9. TopoJSON installed.


  10. New infographic illustration: What is the Deep Web?


  11. Connected Triangles. Moving between random coordinates, the connected triangles create a new playful geometric abstraction every 60 frames. Best viewed in HD.


  12. Elastic Triangles v2. This algorithm moves between random coordinates confined to each respective cell. The size is randomly selected from an array that falls on one of the rings. Fill lines are also randomly generated.


  13. Story with a series of charts that help explain the situation visually. Check it out here.


  14. The top 10 importers of U.S. and Russian defense goods. [Not published]


  15. A look at the Eastern Europe defense trade in 2013. [Not published]