2. New bash profile


  3. Wood working class at SVA. [week 3]


  4. New interactive: What it takes to get ahead [made with isotope.js]




  7. New York Transit Museum


  8. Working on some icons for an infographic. 


  9. 3am hyperlapse.


  10. First output of my next personal project: Visualizing AAII Sentiment data. The sentiment survey measures the percentage of individual investors who are bullish, bearish, and neutral on the stock market short term.

    The output above is from 2009 until last week. Moving forward, I am going to also visualize the S&P 500, looking to see how AAII sentiment relates to SPX levels. [work in progress][d3.js]


  11. Quick illustration portraying a billionaire’s profile. Didn’t run.


  12. New illustration and interactive: Are you really middle class?


  13. My Currency Futures project is now online.


  14. The final part of this project is updating the data automatically. I scheduled a cronjob that runs this PHP script which retrieves the yearly and weekly reports to my server.


  15. Sometimes broken code can produce the most interesting visuals.