1. First output of my next personal project: Visualizing AAII Sentiment data. The sentiment survey measures the percentage of individual investors who are bullish, bearish, and neutral on the stock market short term.

    The output above is from 2009 until last week. Moving forward, I am going to also visualize the S&P 500, looking to see how AAII sentiment relates to SPX levels. [work in progress][d3.js]


  2. Quick illustration portraying a billionaire’s profile. Didn’t run.


  3. New illustration and interactive: Are you really middle class?


  4. My Currency Futures project is now online.


  5. The final part of this project is updating the data automatically. I scheduled a cronjob that runs this PHP script which retrieves the yearly and weekly reports to my server.


  6. Sometimes broken code can produce the most interesting visuals. 


  7. I’ve decided to expand upon my original idea after I found a file with year-to-date data. This graph will sit below the weekly visualizations, the user will be able to toggle different currencies and the graph will update accordingly. The bad news is that the file is close to 1mb and will grow each week. In order to keep things moving quickly, I will create a database and automate weekly entry, requesting only the desired info. [work in progress]


  8. I redesigned the first version of my futures visualization project to achieve the goal of an immediate understanding of where the market is positioned. The next step is to automate this via php and a cron job. [work in progress]


  9. The first version of my futures visualization project is not ideal. My biggest issue is that it’s hard to see all the data at once. My goal with the next design iteration is to create an output that displays the currency positions in such a way that sentiment is immediately recognizable.
    [work in progress]


  10. First node.js script. Parsed a large JSON file into a new smaller one. #GoodTimes


  11. White and red Labor Day. 


  12. Cleaning up my desktop…don’t remember creating this:
    "Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.38.45 PM"


  13. Next personal project will be creating a tool that tracks and visualizes currency futures from weekly data posted to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission website. Looking at the Commitments of Traders (COT) reports, I will have a good idea on how the market is positioned in relation to my FX trades. Currently, I think I will use a cronjob to execute a php script that scrapes the site once a week, outputting the data into a json file that I will visualize with d3.js.